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Psychic powers, psionics and the untapped powers of the mind have long been a staple of science-fiction - cyberpunk included. 

In this supplement for NEON CITY OVERDRIVE these ideas are explored, providing both players and GMs with tools to add amazing powers to their games.

Psions includes:

Incorporating psionics: Advice and ideas to help you incorporate psionic powers and the characters who use them into your games.

New rules: Using psionics, fear and loathing, psionic amplification, cyber disruption and nexus zones all add new opportunities and complications for characters with psionic abilities. 

Psionic powers: Seven psionic power types including metahealing, pyrokinesis and telepathy. Each power provides new triggers, flaws, example psionic effects and trademarks.

Trademarks: More than fifty new trademarks, representing a range of psionic powers and non-psionic backgrounds, roles and gear. Become a mimicenergy vampire or radiohead, to name just a few.

Mini-settings: Two mini-settings that show you how to incorporate psionic powers into your cyberpunk games.

  • Psiberpunks presents a world of dark conspiracies and constant danger for those afflicted with psionic powers. Form a cell and fight to achieve your agenda, while pursued by the Department of Psionic Justice or the Heka Institute. Become a mind hunterfirebrand or sympathiser or metafreak.
  • In Grimm City the legends and myths of our past rub shoulders with hackers, cyborgs and corporate goons of the neon-lit future. Embrace your heritage as an elfogre or kitsune; wield psionic power as a seer or illusionist; or carry a powerful relic such as a cloak of invisibility or the wings of Icarus

Psions continues to expand the sandbox world of NEON CITY OVERDRIVE, providing you a box full of tools and toys to add to your games. Throw it in wholesale, or tweak and twist to suit the needs of your stories and gaming group.

This is a supplement for Neon City Overdrive

This is not a complete game. Neon City Overdrive is required to use this product.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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